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Rocket League Competitive Season 7 Start Date, Season 6 End Date And Rewards

2/24/2018 4:44:08 PM

starting in september, it's has been a long season, most of rocket league fans have been competing to rise up the leagues from bronze right up to grand champion in rocket league season 6. the race is almost over, rocketeers! finally rocket league competitive season 7 is upon us,  as psyonix has released information on rocket league season 6 rewards and the numerous adjustments heading into rocket league's seventh competitive season. here let's talk about rocket league season 7 start date, season 6 rewards and more info you should know.

rocket league competitive season 7 start date, season 6 end date and rewards

rocket league season 7 start date and season 6 end sate

when will the rocket league competitive season 6 end and season 7 begin?

rocket league will season 6 end when season 7 start. though the rocket league season 7 start date has not been confirmed yet, psyonix has announced that season 7 will officially start in the first half of february, along with a soft reset. 

rocket league soft reset and season 7 rank distribution

the reset means that once season seven begins, you'll need to complete a set of ten placement matches per playlist to be officially ranked (note: winning half of your placement matches should likely put you back at or near your previous season 6 rank). league rankings will be temporarily empty once the soft reset occurs.

psyonix've also taken some of your feedback on rank distribution, and they are making a few adjustments in duel (1v1) and solo standard (3v3) playlists to bring a higher percentage of those players into the champion and grand champion ranks.

rocket league season 6 rewards

for season 6, each rank placement will receive a new set of wheels! each rank’s wheels have been redesigned to be the most detailed they have ever been. psyonix supplied fans with gifs of each wheel to show each design in motion.

to qualify for season 6 wheels, you will need to have a placement in at least one competitive playlist.

via giphy

here's the distribution breakdown for each rank:

  • bronze i or higher – season 6 bronze wheels

  • silver i or higher – season 6 silver wheels + lower wheels

  • gold i or higher – season 6 gold wheels + lower wheels

  • platinum i or higher – season 6 platinum wheels + lower wheels

  • diamond i or higher – season 6 diamond wheels + lower wheels

  • champion – season 6 champion wheels + lower wheels

  • grand champion – 'season 6 grand champion' in-game title + champion wheels + lower wheels


we will update more information about the rocket league competitive season 7 for you, stay tuned! as psyonix said they would look into the non-event items which were not supposed to have some specified color as paint option after holiday and replace them with random painted color, so we predict some painted items are being removed! we will talk about which items are possibly to be involved in our next article. if you are collecting these items now, welcome to use big discount coupon “gt5” to buy rocket league items on rocketprices.com.

news from https://www.rocketprices.com/news/155--rocket-league-competitive-season-7-start-date,-season-6-end-date-and-rewards

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