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A Interested Rocket League Car Design To Charm Opponent Team And Help You Win

3/30/2018 11:01:55 AM

do you want to try everything to make your game win in rocket league? have you searched for strategies and tips on how to win games online? today we are going to share you an interested guide, you don’t need to training your game skills, instead, making up your battle-car to charm your enemy opponent with shining rocket league skins and considerably increasing the chances of winning.

this interested rocket league winning guide are shared on steam community by player collars. it will not only tell you step by step how to make your vehicle fabulous, but also how to persuade the opposing team, leading them to distraction, increasing your chances of winning. how to charm your opponent? just follow below steps:

1: choose a vehicle

2: change your vehicle by following the following steps:


decal: you can choose what you prefer, but i recommend swirls

paint: make it as pink as possible

wheelszomba (if you have them pink is better), kalos or anything that is pink and highly questionable

rocket boosthearts

topperrainbow or heart glasses (rainbow works better)



engine sound: you can choose what you prefer, but i suggest a slight one

goal explosionfirework or standard pink 

note: also you can try other designs you do think which can confuse your opponent, on rocketprices.com you can find cheap rocket league skins, tradable keys, crates, items on sale.

3: do not be charmed by your own work. remember that this guide is for charming the opposing enemy, not yourself. however, the likelihood of your own team being charmed also persists
4: look at that sexiness

rocket league best car design

5: play

note: this guide does not have a 100% chance of success, but it can work fifty-fifty. however the odds increase considerably if you are on the orange team side. read more rocket league guides to make your game better!

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