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The Newest Rocket League Crate - Rocket League Zephyr Update!!!

7/27/2018 2:11:36 PM

the new update referred to as the zephyr update, which discussed by a lot of people recently. and some of them have doubt about the systems of zephyr update. let me fix your confusion.  the new rocket league zephyr update contains a new crate, bug fixes, and minor adjustments to the game. it will brings you a whole new game experience.

the amazing rocket league cyclone battle-car 

the rocket league zephyr crate has the brand new upcoming cars - cyclone battle car, a flashy new hot rod and comes with unique engine audio and common decals. the appearance looks very special and dazzling included the new goal explosion, boost & wheels, decals and trail spray. so only you open the crate can get the cyclone rocket league. and it is only available as a limited drop inside the new zephyr crate. if you are wondering how munch is the rl zephyr crate. game7power.com will always provide you with the reasonable rocket league price.

rocket league zephyr update - zephyr crate - battle-car cyclone

rocket league zephyr update - zephyr crate items - trail

the adjustments to rocket league - twinzer’s appearance and bug fixes

it is said that the update will also include a number of bug fixes including changes to twinzer’s painted appearance, crash or freeze fixes when loading into the competition, an adjustment to the ‘hammerhead’ decal for mantis, and more. please look forward to the exciting moment! maybe you’ll get surprise from the rl zephyr update.

more new rl zephyr crates items

in addition to the cyclone car rocket league, psyonix hasn’t give us information about the new zephyr crate items. but, it is reported that they will announce in august. we’ll keep updating as long as the psyonix announce new details about the new league items, and you could focus on our website https://www.game7power.com/rocket-league to get more information you want to know. 

we’ll keep bringing more useful and interesting news to our rocket league fans. hope you enjoy yourselves!

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