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Path Of Exile Update 3.5.1B/C Patch Notes: Betrayal Bugs Fixes, Sells Bestiary Orbs, Crash Fixes

1/15/2019 1:43:02 PM

the new year is in full swing, and the developers of ggg are back from the holidays to continue working on action-rpg path of exile. its betrayal league has been thrilling players for a few weeks, but there is also criticism of some bugs and crashes. the new path of exile patch 3.5.1b/c  eliminates another mountain of criticized aspects - but also creates a popular poe build for players.

path of exile update 3.5.1 patch notes

path of exile update 3.5.1b/c patch notes

with the new patch for path of exile, the developers want to make for a more enjoyable gaming experience in the betrayal league. this frustrates with stick-hard fights in which we have to defeat endless hordes of monsters, which give us neither loot nor experience points. at the same time we have to attack members of the syndicate who are hiding in a fort. on these so-called fortifications is the focus of the new poe patch 3.5.1b/c, which makes these discussions more pleasant for the player.

no overpowering syndicate strongholds in path of exile

anyone who has recently taken to the endgame areas of path of exile will have feared the syndicate's fortifications: hordes of opponents who endlessly spawn and sometimes pocket and pocket more than the game's strongest bosses. that changes now - that changes at the fortifications:

- there are fewer spawning necromancers (who made for even more monsters)

- the emerging monsters can no longer be of the difficulty "rare"

- monsters spawn slower

- fewer monsters can defend the fortification at the same time

- monsters only fight for a certain amount of time, not for the entire duration of the battle against the fortification.

- in addition, the developers have eliminated annoying bugs that made sure, for example, that fixtures on the atlas map "gardens" were almost completely covered by trees.

in principle, members of the syndicate no longer spawn directly on each other. this had previously caused problems when a player defeated them on the spot: one could not choose the order in which syndicate member with whom to speak after the fight, which is often important for the optimal yield.


path of exile gets new comfort features

but also on the side of simple comfort functions there are some innovations. for example, popular bestiary champion einhar now sells poe currency bestiary orbs again. in these you can keep a trapped beast and act in this way with other players - very helpful for a challenge of the betrayal league in which you have to defeat certain beasts of beasts.

the interface for the different hideout options in path of exile now shows you how to find and unlock them.


bug fix for catastrophic arrow is actually a nerf

however, players who built their build around the bow gemma doom arrow do not care much about the bug fix the developers took on the gemma doom arrow. the patch notes states that a bug has been fixed that caused doomed arrow not to use mana while channeling. although the bug fix has been reduced to compensate for the mana cost of the ability, but the players puffed on the whole thing. the mana consumption is still far too high, which makes it far too easy without mana, which can be like a death sentence. many now hope that doom will not stay in that state.


you can find all patch notes on the official website of path of exile. more about path of exile on our poe topic page!

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